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Hello, and welcome to the only community out there devoted to that fabulous director of Phaser and . . . you know, those other movies.

Le Manteau Du Joie, for example.

Anyway, I created this community when I realized that there was practically no mention of the work of this fine director on the internet. Something had to be done, and I have done it. Here is a place where we can rave about our favorite movies, analyze his successes and failures, and ask the questions we've always wanted to ask. I'll start- in that scene from Phaser in the soft-serve ice cream place, why did Lola say what she did about the rhinocerous poster? I've never been able to figure out exactly what she meant by that. Of course, I must admit that I'm always a little distracted by the guy behind the counter when she's talking there. He's such a great character, and I wish he'd shown up in other scenes!

Once again, welcome. I hope that we can develop a thriving and fun-filled community here.
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