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"best ever flapjacks", my eye!

So here's my theory:

I don't think that George selling the armoire was all that tragic. I believe that all of the really serious issues were ultimately Stacey's fault. If she hadn't lied to the detective about Ferdinand's parakeet, none of the subsequent occurrences in the antique shop would have mattered in the least. If she'd just blown off the whole issue and minded her own damn business, Mr. Crockett would still have his home, George and Lydia would still be together, Ferdinand could have finished school with honors, and Judy would have got what she deserved. As it stands, however, I think that the ending is unsatisfying. I've never been able to find anything remotely worthwhile in Stacey's character, and I don't see why we should care about her freakin' delicious pancakes.

Of course, this is just my take, and I know that I'm essentially alone in thinking that George is guiltless.
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