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What a great day!

My Paging T.S. Eliot DVD finally arrived! I've been waiting for ages! It took forever just to find a store that would special order it for me (and, believe me, that cost a pretty penny), and then their supplier was out of stock and I had to wait for more to be available. But I got it this afternoon and it is incredible.

I almost immediately started watching the film with director's commentary. Bloody gives some incredible insights into the movie-making process, and recounts a hilarious story about the filming of the scene in the rooftop restaurant- it involves three pigeons, a plate of cheese, and an extra with a cane. Classic, really.

But the little thing that pleased me most was discovering that I was right in believing that the Lord family- the rich family that stay in the hotel suite across from Mr. Eliot- were in fact created as an homage to The Philadelphia Story. I'd suspected as much, but it was good to have it confirmed.

I can't wait to check out the rest of the features on the disc!
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