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jellicle sharps and jellicle flats

Okay, since none of you want to answer my trivia questions, I'll answer them for you:

Le Manteau de Joie
1. The Man With the Coat gives the Old Woman a musicbox. What does it play?
* Minuet in G
2. What's in the snowglobe behind The Storyteller when he begins the tale?
* A duck

3. Who sits in the armchair (other than Ra)?
* The meter man

Alien Sean
4. Sean, upon his return to Silkerfing, accidentally says a sentence in English. Why does this offend the Silkerfingers?
* The sentence he says translates to "Boil your head or I'll do it for you."

Love Sank the Lighthouse
5. Todd finds a frog at the base of the lighthouse when he's fishing. As he talks to it, who does it become?
* Nell
6. Nell's most famous painting is of what historical event?
* Shay's Rebellion

There. I did it.
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