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continuity error

Has anyone ever noticed this before? In A Gary Sinise Vehicle, in the scene just before the punch bowl falls, there's this guy in the background wearing a baseball cap. In one perspective, it's a red cap with a white bill, but in the other, it's a red cap with a BLUE bill!

I'd never seen that in past viewings, but I noticed it this evening and was vastly amused. How could Bloody have missed something like that?
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Oh . . .

You're good! See, I always thought it was two different guys!
I had to go and watch it again after you mentioned it... that's really incredible. I have two theories:
1) Bloody did it to see if anyone would notice, or
2) There was a lot going on in that scene, and the guy wearing the cap did it intentionally.

But yeah, that's pretty weird. My favorite scene in that particular movie was always the one with the bloodhound and the raisins... hee hee!
I remember hearing somewhere that Bloody did that on purpose. See, the extra was the Propmaster's brother, and the Propmaster wanted him to wear the cap with the blue bill. Bloody wanted the cap with the white bill. They decided to put in both and see who would notice.

This is really just a rumor, though. I have no idea how true it is!